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Nikhil Chandwani

Hey there! I'm the enthusiastic mind behind NYK Daily – your go-to spot for news from all six continents. Yep, that's right, we work round-the-clock, every single day, just to make sure you're updated with what's happening worldwide. I have this fantastic crew of 41 and counting, who are just as dedicated as I am. Now, I love words - so much so that I've penned down 14 books! To my surprise and delight, I was even honored with the Times of India’s 'Times Writer of the Year 2022'. It's been a journey, and every day is a new story. When I'm not managing NYK or writing books, I'm out and about collaborating. Had the pleasure of teaming up with some incredible brands like the mesmerizing Trulli Ad Miora in Alberobello, Italy, the serene JA Manafaru in Maldives, and more familiar names like Spotify, Saffola, and UP Tourism. Oh, and guess what? I've taken a little detour from the usual Instagram scene and delved into long-form articles there. Yep, you heard that right! And I must say, the support from my 1.1 million followers has been overwhelming. On an average month, my social media reach touches an astounding 110 million. I still have to pinch myself sometimes! Recently, UP Tourism gave me the honor of being their Brand Ambassador. And I had the unique experience of being one of the chosen few to represent the influencer community in Ayodhya for Deepotsav. Such moments truly make me pause and say, "Jai Shri Ram". All in all, I'm just a storyteller at heart, always eager to share and learn. Thanks for coming along on this wild ride with me!

Nikhil Chandwani


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J A Manafaru, Maldives

I collaborated with a resort situated on the northernmost tip of Maldives, J A Manafaru. My wife, Arushi Sana, and I flew to Maldives and stayed in, perhaps, the best water villa in the world at this wonderland. It was an Instagram Collaboration where I posted four reels and together, it reached over 14 million people organically on Instagram.


I did an Instagram campaign for Spotify, and we were able to reach out to over 1.5 Million people through one reel. The campaign was called Spotify pe Suna. It was incredibly interactive.

UP Tourism

I collaborated with UP Tourism and became one of only six influencers to be invited to Deepotsav and cover Hinduism's most beautiful festival, Diwali, in Ayodhya on Instagram. It was one of my most beautiful collab, and I felt blessed to be chosen by the government to visit such a sacred place and cover it on mY social media handle. UP ranks #1 in domestic tourists category in India with 25cr+ tourists flying yearly.


I recently completed an Instagram collaboration with Saffola Life where I promoted healthy eating habits in my video under Saffola + TOI 40 Under 40 Initiative. The collab fetched nearly 1 million views.


As a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a global footprint, I have had the privilege of sharing my insights and experiences at several prestigious educational and corporate institutions across the globe. My journey as a guest lecturer and visiting professor has brought me to renowned universities such as XLRI Jamshedpur, IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee, and IIM Ranchi, to name a few. One of my core philosophies when delivering these lectures is fostering a deep and interactive engagement with the student body. My sessions are not just about imparting theoretical knowledge but also about ensuring students gain a pragmatic understanding of the nuances of the industry. Recognizing that formal education, while foundational, is just one facet of professional success, I emphasize equipping these young minds with the real-world acumen necessary to thrive post-graduation. Shifting from academic to corporate settings, I've had the honor of delivering keynote addresses and spearheading intensive training sessions spanning 4-6 hours with prominent organizations. This roster includes the likes of Vidarbha Industry Association (VIA), tech behemoth Cognizant, Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Corporation, and even sessions commissioned by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. In the corporate sphere, my focus has been on demystifying the vast and often overwhelming realm of social media. I believe that social media, in this digital age, is an indispensable tool, offering myriad applications that extend far beyond conventional use. Whether it's harnessing its potential to drive sales, gauging emergent marketing trends, or understanding the dynamics of online brand positioning, my sessions aim to illuminate the multifaceted applications of social media platforms. The objective is to empower individuals and corporations to leverage these platforms effectively, navigating the digital landscape with confidence and strategic insight.

Books and Columns

With a literary portfolio boasting over 14 books and novels, I have delved into a diverse range of subjects through my writings. Currently, I hold esteemed positions as a national columnist for several reputed newspapers and magazines, such as the Times of India, Times of Israel, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Speaking Tree. My contributions to these platforms are not just limited to political commentary. I meticulously research and shed light on multifaceted issues, including the underrepresented challenges faced by Hindus in Pakistan, the ever-evolving landscape of freelance entrepreneurship, and historical narratives that have, until now, remained largely uncharted. My aim is to foster enlightenment and provoke thoughtful discourse through my work. My columns include:

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Over the past decade, I have been deeply entrenched in the world of entrepreneurship. In 2012, I embarked on a visionary project by founding The Walnut School of Ideas. It wasn't just any edu-tech venture; it was among the pioneers of e-learning in India, amassing a significant student body of over 30,000 individuals. Our efforts did not go unnoticed, culminating in the acquisition of the firm in 2017. Recognizing the unmet needs of budding writers, I established the Writers Rescue Center. More than just a non-profit organization, it serves as a sanctuary for those passionate about the written word. We have dedicated ourselves to nurturing their talents, transforming them into published authors and guiding them towards lucrative writing careers. Our achievements were recognized nationally when we were highlighted on Prime Minister Modi's radio program, 'Mann ki Baat'. The testament to our success lies in the accomplishments of our students, with over 300 of them having authored books and making notable strides in various literary arenas. In my continuous pursuit of innovation, I also brought to life NYK Daily, a global news platform that boasts a vast network of journalists spanning all six continents. NYK Daily stands out not just for its expansive coverage but also its credibility, evidenced by a high domain authority of over 70. This platform has garnered recognition and respect, as seen by its frequent citations by a multitude of international news outlets. Through these ventures, I aim to contribute meaningfully to the worlds of education, literature, and journalism, ensuring quality and authenticity at every step.

Awards Won

Over the course of my illustrious journey, I have been the recipient of several prestigious accolades that reflect my dedication and impact in my domain. Notably, I was honored with the “Global Indian of the Year” award, a testament to my international influence and contributions. In 2022, the Times of India recognized my literary prowess by bestowing upon me the “Times Writer of the Year.” Further embellishing my credentials was the “Times Leading Lights Award,” a recognition of my relentless pursuit of excellence.

In addition, I was conferred the esteemed “Maharshi Narad Award” by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is considered the pinnacle of recognition in the writing realm. This honor was a poignant acknowledgment of my impactful writings and the waves they have made in the literary community. Further, my efforts were also celebrated by the Indian Youth Foundation with the “Rashtriya Gaurav Award,” symbolizing the pride and reverence the nation holds for my work.


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I pursued my Bachelor's degree in Arts, majoring in History with a specialized focus on anthropology. This provided me with a comprehensive understanding of human cultures and societies through time. Wishing to bridge my passion for history with contemporary business practices, I enrolled in the Post Graduate Program (PGP) at the esteemed Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Nagpur. Over the course of this rigorous one-year program, I gained deep insights into Digital Strategies and Marketing Analytics, equipping me to address modern-day business challenges using advanced analytical tools and strategic frameworks. Subsequently, my intrigue for ancient civilizations guided me towards a specialized certification. I embarked on a six-month journey with Harvard University online, securing a certification in Egyptian History. This program allowed me to delve deep into the intriguing world of pharaohs, pyramids, and the intricate societal structures of ancient Egypt. Together, these academic pursuits have given me a unique blend of historical understanding, anthropological insights, and cutting-edge digital strategy skills.

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