Sunday, December 3, 2023

Author, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer



In an unexpected turn of events, I find myself as an influencer on Instagram, boasting a following of 1.2 million diverse and highly-engaged individuals. Remarkably, my audience is not just expansive but also influential, encompassing presidential candidates, top-tier CEOs, notable actors, and prominent government ministers. These distinguished followers actively engage with the array of articles and videos I publish, underscoring the credibility and reach of my content.

As an unintentional influencer on Instagram under the handle @nikhilchandwani, I’ve had the unique opportunity to amass an astounding reach of over 140 million monthly viewers. To put this into perspective, last year my content resonated with roughly 10% of the global audience. With the valuable assistance of Creators Clout, who represent and manage my account, I’ve been able to leverage this platform not only for creative expression but also for meaningful impact.

I’ve been privileged to collaborate with a diverse range of brands, each remarkable in their own way. For instance, I partnered with Trulli Ad Miora, a captivating boutique property located in the picturesque town of Alberobello, Italy, offering its guests an authentic experience that pays homage to the region’s cultural heritage. I’ve also teamed up with JA Manafaru in the Maldives, a sanctuary that epitomizes serenity and natural beauty. My collaborations extend to more mainstream names as well, such as Spotify, Saffola, and Uttar Pradesh Tourism, where we’ve executed campaigns that not only showcase their offerings but also resonate with my core values.

However, my reach isn’t solely utilized for brand partnerships. I have taken it upon myself to use this platform responsibly by advocating for pressing social issues. One notable campaign led to a mobilization of the United Nations to take action against the atrocities faced by Hindus in the Sindh region. It’s gratifying to see the power of social media manifest in transformative ways that can genuinely improve lives.

For me, Instagram is more than just a tool for self-expression; it’s a conduit for positive change, allowing me to touch the lives of millions across the globe.

Nikhil Chandwani