Sunday, December 3, 2023

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My Non for profit journey

I’m passionately involved in two significant projects: The Writers’ Rescue Center and the Rehabilitation of Hindus from Pakistan. Both initiatives hold a special place in my heart. I’ve self-funded all efforts without soliciting donations, channeling my own resources back into these noble causes. So, what exactly are these projects about?

Writers' RescueCenter (WRC)

When you talk about the Writers’ Rescue Center (WRC), we work on healing people and giving them a voice by training the depressed, the suicidal, the differently abled, cancer survivors and people with identity crisis in the field of storytelling. We run a Gurukul System where individuals irrespective of the age, caste, or problems, are provided with one to one mentorship. We help them grow confidence, we give them the required space and trust to open up about their issues, we push them a pen and a paper, and write their own life story. Once they’re emotionally equipped, we guide them in book writing. It takes anywhere between one month to 1 year for the individual to complete their manuscript. The book, once it is ready, is shared with numerous publishing units. We later help out writers in the writing field and help carve a good career for them. Everything is done free. WRC has over 200+ success stories including National Award winning author Siddharth Roy, Dr. Shakila from Hyderabad, author and famous writer Nitin Upadhyay, etc. Writers' Rescue Center has won numerous awards and was featured on PM Modi's Mann ki Baat. I always believe, "I have a plan to save the world; if you join me, they might make a movie on you."

Rehabilitation ofSindhi Hindus

I’ve been vocal on social media and on my column at Times of India about the immense pain Hindus are enduring everyday in Sindh and in Pakistan. They’re in dire state amid the worst genocide against Hindus ever known to modern civilisation. Some people often ask me, do you only share videos and articles online without any great presence on ground. Here is a quick update on our ground work in the past 2 years. We have helped 20+ Hindu families migrate to India from Pakistan and they're all living in different regions of Rajasthan. I've personally helped in issue of emergency visa with regular follow ups for 19 Hindu girls who felt threatened in Sindh in Pakistan and thev're now studying in India and waiting for their families to come. I can’t make videos of these success stories as their families are still under constant threat across border. The issue of Hindus suffering in Sindh is now a global issue because a very few influencers are raising the issue on social media and our columns. The issue has reached UN and Pakistan has been denied loans and support numerous times because of the genocide against Hindu minorities. This became possible because we all exposed the situation together, even when media chose to cover their eyes and follow TRPs. I have always self funded everything I mentioned above and have never asked for donation (nor I will ever seek any donation ever). We have sent across 300+ medicine kits and pushed for better sanitation facilities in different Hindu refugee camps (people who migrated from across borders) in Delhi, in Rajasthan and also in Maharashtra. If you too want to contribute, don’t do it via any NGO. Google refugee camps in your state, visit them, meet them, ask what they need and try funding their ration and education. It is not far fetched. It is perhaps the best donation idea you could ever find. Next holiday, ignore the mountains or beaches, visit the people who have faced hell in Pakistan for a thousand years and make their life easy in India.