Sunday, December 3, 2023

Author, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Books by Nikhil Chandwani

I've penned 14 books that has sold well and create a small reading base for me that helps me get going almost always. Four of my recent books are below:

The Waves Come Calling

The Modern Day Hindu

Sindhi Hindus: History, Tradition and Culture Kindle Edition

The Recycle Man

I contribute analytical articles and research pieces for esteemed publications such as the Times of India, Times of Israel, and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as on my news platform, NYK Daily. My passion lies in delving deep into the lesser-known facets of history and politics, ensuring each piece is backed by meticulous primary research. Half a decade ago, I pioneered the ‘swipe and read’ format on Instagram, through which I’ve published over 1,000 comprehensive articles on political analyses, historical insights, and religious perspectives. Collectively, these pieces have garnered an impressive readership, exceeding 1 billion views.