Entrepreneurship Journey

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Cinema & The Young Producer’s Quest: At the fresh age of 20, when most of us were busy grappling with university exams or pondering what binge-worthy show to watch next, I was taking the plunge into the world of cinema. My foray into the silver screen culminated in the production of a Hindi feature film, originally titled “She,” but due to some cinematic copyright drama, it was rechristened to “Nadi Ki Beti Sundari” – which let me add, had a crisp runtime of 92:25 mins.

Digital Days with I Class Online: In 2016, the same year my film was weaving its magic, I dabbled into the digital realm with iclassonline.net. The idea was simple: quality education, affordable prices, and the convenience of digital learning. Offering everything from mock papers to interview prep, our USP was our Skype sessions. (Because who said learning can’t happen in your pajamas?) We clocked in 177 students, all trained on Skype, before realizing the digital realm had its limits. After two batches and an amazing journey, we handed over the baton, allowing the startup to be acquired.

Walnut School of Ideas: Where Creativity Meets Competition: Next up, Dinesh Chandwani (shoutout to my cousin!) and I unveiled the Walnut School of Ideas, with branches unfurling in Vijayawada and Nagpur. Here, creativity wasn’t just a buzzword – it intertwined with rigorous competitive exam training. GRE, UPSC, GATE – you name it, we did it. We roped in over 250 brilliant minds, both online and offline, under our innovative roof. But as the winds of change blew, my passion veered towards writing, drawing me to the Writers’ Rescue Center. And just like that, after two years of molding minds, our school was acquired.

NYK Daily: News, But Make it Positive: Tired of the news that always seemed to rain on your parade? Enter NYK Daily. A refreshing antidote to the often gloomy headlines, our mission was (and is) to sprinkle a bit of optimism on your daily news feed. Whether it’s breakthroughs in science, heartwarming tales from unsung heroes, or simply some quirky history trivia – NYK Daily is where the good vibes are at. So, the next time you’re weary of the same old sad tales, remember, there’s a place where the news doesn’t bring you down.

From films to the digital classroom, traditional teaching to positive news vibes, my journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. And the best part? The ride’s far from over. Stay tuned! 😉🚀