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Life is a blessing when passion stands tall

Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, Padma Shri Nominee, Writer

Over one million copies sold

Awards won

National Award from Government of India

Global Indian of the year

World Record for youngest professor/producer tag

Genius Indian Achiever Honour

American Literary Honour

UK Writers' Forum Award

My Journey


Nikhil Chandwani is the author of six novels

I wrote your name in the sky ( Teen Fiction Books- 2011)

Inked with Love (Love Poetry novel-2012)

Unsung Words (Life lessons-2013)

Coded Conspiracy (Crime Fiction-2014)

Tales of an Unconscious Mind (Spiritual Self Help-2017)

Strange Tides on Broken Rhymes (Poetry-2017)

Film Producer

Produced an upcoming Hindi Feature film under Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd.

She- The movie (Sundari)-Hindi Feature Film starring Ravi Bhushan Bhartiya, Priya Mitra.

Director: Viplab Majumdar

Cinematographer: Dhirendra Shukla

Music Director: Pandit Ronu Majumdar 


Public Speeches in around 120 Universities all over Asia with regular Visiting Professor profile at 

XLRI. VIT. IIM. Chowgules Goa.

Ted(x) Speaker- Twice. 

Corporate Training at Infosys. DHL. 


At age of 21, taught engineering students at KL University as an Assistant Professor and Director-Creativity for Eleven months. Students of same age is unusually an exciting thing.

Travel Director

Directed and Wrote Escape from Kenya, Amazing Amazon Adventures and Futuristic Weapons that was distributed in eighteen countries. Researched exclusively in Middle East and covered war documentaries as an independent travel writer. Documentaries and TV shows are available on Netflix. 


Founded first firm in 2013, Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. for film production and entertainment business.

Started second firm The Walnut School of Ideas in 2016 for corporate and college student training. The education firm has trained around 75,000 students nationally. One of the fastest growing EduTech startup in India according to Huffington Post. Technical courses including GRE, GMAT, and IELTS are a focus in South Pacific Region.

I was blessed to guide them: Social Entrepreneurship journey

Ritesh Verma (Lucknow)

Ritesh Verma, author of Mystical Emotions

Met me at one of my lecture in VIT University with seven backlogs,  He was interested in Photography and Poetry. 

He is now a LA Short Film Award winning Director, a Published Author of book, Mystical Emotions, and my sweetheart. He tags me in memes as well. He was my third student.

Siddharth Roy (Nagpur)

Siddharth Roy, Author of The Special Fish

At sixteen he met me with an interest to write. At seventeen he is now an author of book The Special Fish and a social worker helping Maharashtrian Farmers. He is an inspiration in himself. Dhoni loves him. I love him as well. But DHONI loves him. I feel proud to be a part of his struggle story. He was my second student.

Prab Keerat Mahendru (Vijayawada)

Prab Keerat Mahendru with CM of AP

He had ONE dream of writing a book and traveling. He was my student in KL University and met me at an ice cream parlour. Now, an author of book An Old Monk. He was my first student.

MD Zabi Khan (Hyderabad)

Md. Zabi Khan, Animal Rights Activist

My fourth student who met me on social media. I was awe-inspired to know that he has actually rescued over 500 animals and saved over 3000. His age- 19. He now holds a world record as a youngest in his field and writing his first book on rescues.

Zuko (Chennai)

Siddharth Zuko Sabari

He approached out of jealousy and as a senior to me.

I got to know he is a dyslexic. I had a challenge to transform his story into a book. Months later, he published his debut book as India's first Dyslexic Author. Book title: Figmented Reality. Proud to say, he writes better than me and growing expontentially. 

Divyam Gauba (Delhi)

Divyam Gauba

Met me as a dropout with interest in acting.

Depressed, drawn out and his journey started.

Now, a student at a prominent university in Mumbai, he is interning with the top brass in Bollywood with a bright smile on his face. I am a fan of his acting. 

Some more of my students from different cities

Dr. Sakila (Hyderabad)

Dr. Shakila

She had a 35 year long dream of compiling a novel of her own. She is an amazing writer and public speaker who wasn't able to complete her book at first go. Now, she is a published author of the book, Odyssey of Spirits.

Rajvardhan Singh Rathore (Jaipur)

Rajvardhan Singh Rathore

Stuck in engineering interested in Music and Writing. Now, a soon to be published author of a poetry collection and poetic novel. His book is releasing next month.

Nitin Upadhyay (Raxaul, Bihar)

Nitin Upadhyay

Short of money and support and interest in writing, he wrote his debut book on a broken Lava Phone. Soon to be published author and already a celebrated public speaker, he is one of my favourite student.

Dr. Vahini Reddy (Pune, Maharashtra)

Vahini reddy

She is publishing her biography and I provided her with the direction in publishing/book marketing. She is a prominent director for a college in Hyderabad and a celebrated public speaker. She also holds Multiple international honours under her belt.

Interview with ETV-

Interview with ETV

From the media

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Some More Stuffs I do

Spiritual Writer

Editorial Columnist with Speaking Tree

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine Columns are fun to write. 


Published Three Poetry Books

Certified War Journalist

Researched on Middle East crisis in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. 

Elephant Journal

Editorial Columnist at Elephant Journal


Documentary Director in East Africa. More of a Hobby. 

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