A Letter To Anyone Who Feels Stuck In Life

Oh, my dearest friend, where do I even begin? It feels like it’s been an eternity since we sat down for a soul-bearing conversation. I’ve been entangled in this chaotic web of commitments, rushing from one task to another, leaving my heart and soul gasping for a moment of reprieve. The demands on my time escalated until I found myself spiraling into a bottomless pit of burnout. And what did I do? I sought refuge in excess—indulging my senses until every fiber of my being screamed in agonizing protest. My hair has lost its luster, my eyes their sparkle, my skin its glow, and my nails their strength. Why, oh why, do I put myself through this relentless grind?

Can I overpower this chronic self-neglect? The question haunts me.

But what if—just what if—I offered myself small, achievable goals, like glimmers of light in a dark cave? What if I celebrated each and every victory, no matter how minuscule, like a treasure found on a deserted island? What if I carved out a sacred hour, just for me, amid the 24 that each day bestows? And what if you, too, could claim such an hour for your beautiful self?

Oh, do you know how miraculous you are? There isn’t a creature on this Earth that holds a candle to the wonder that is you. You’re a sublime blend of skills, talents, and abilities that are as unique as a snowflake and as vast as the cosmos. Evolution has blessed you with a thinking mind capable of untold achievements, with hands to build and mold your dreams, eyes to perceive the wonders around you, feet to journey towards your desires, and an array of senses—both known and mysterious—that empower you to turn every thought into action.

You, my friend, are the sovereign of your life. The captain of your ship. The author of your story. Your fate is not set in stone; it’s sculpted by your own hands. Yes, you can win the daunting battles against pain, adversity, lethargy, and whatever trials life throws your way. But this conquest can only happen if you find sacred moments for your self. Moments that you can call your own.

Carve out that hour—unplugged, unhurried, unburdened by the ceaseless demands of work and the relentless pressures of life. In that solitary hour, do something that ignites your soul, that reminds you that life is not just a series of obligations, but also a canvas for your passions. Feel the weights lift from your shoulders, the knots untangle from your mind, and the peace descend upon your spirit.

Life is complicated, isn’t it? An ever-shifting puzzle that no one has fully solved. We’re often blindsided by its intricacies, faced with an overwhelming number of challenges that leave us paralyzed, asking, “What do I tackle first?” Every time someone takes a stand against a wrong, we’re reminded of yet another issue that beckons our attention, and we end up feeling as though we’re running in circles.

For far too long, I found myself ensnared in this dizzying loop. To break free, I took a seemingly proactive step: joining a gym, dedicating one precious hour daily to my physical well-being. But I realized, it’s not enough. To truly escape this malevolent cycle, the first crucial step is recognition—acknowledging that you are, indeed, caught. Then, disrupt the pattern. Allow yourself the space to breathe, to live, to experience joy—even if it’s just for that one ‘happy hour’ each day.

The journey starts now. The journey starts with you. Let us reclaim our lives, one hour at a time.


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